Centres de service

Centres de service de Fluke Networks

Gold Support Members

Gold Care includes the following major benefits that maximizes the productivity of your testers and avoids unplanned expenses.

  • Repair of accidental damage
  • Annual calibration and/or performance check.    Modules that fail calibration or performance test are repaired
  • Expedited repair & calibration service
  • Prepaid expedited freight to and from our lab
  • Replacement of defective accessories
  • 24X7 tech support & training
  • One point of contact for all services.  PO or credit card not required for Gold support.

Call our technical assistance group at 800-283-5853 or (use your non-published local Gold Hotline number provided in your membership materials – for faster response).  Technicians will help identify the problem and will arrange a service RMA, pre-paid freight shipping labels and a loaner if needed.  Costs are covered by the Gold program (as specified in the Gold terms and conditions).

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Non-Gold Members

Tous les centres de service agréés par Fluke Networks répertoriés ci-dessous pourront vous fournir des services de qualité en termes d’étalonnage ou de réparation.  Adressez-vous simplement au centre de service le plus proche de chez vous pour obtenir des services de réparation et d’étalonnage.

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