Benefits and Accuracy - MicroMapper™ Pro

The MicroMapper™ Pro simplifies testing, providing a full wiremap for twisted pair and coax connectors including split pair and distance to break. It features a “quick-check” test to confirm cable wiremap to TIA568A/B specifications and displays all results on a large LCD screen.

Élimination des adaptateurs de test peu maniables
Fatigué de perdre ou de casser tous les adaptateurs dont vous avez besoin pour tester les différents types de médias vocaux, de données, et vidéos ? MicroMapper™ Pro simplifies testing with built-in twisted pair and coax support. Both the main unit and the far-end identifiers can be used to test twisted-pair and coax outlets right out of the box.

Quickly Locate Cables
The MicroMapper™ Pro features built-in analog toning to locate and isolate wire pairs during installation.

Replace Tools Less Often
The MicroMapper™ Pro is a tool for any testing environment. It is a durable tester that comes in a small, user-friendly package, making it a convenient tool for any job.

Carry Fewer Tools
The MicroMapper™ Pro Kit provides comprehensive testing, locating, and ID tagging with the MicroMapper Pro™ VDV Cable Tester with a built-in analog toner, the Pro3000™ Probe, and eight included cable IDs.

Testeur de câbles VDI MicroMapper™ Pro

  • Integrated coax connector for video and audio testing.
  • Length meter shows distance to fault for faster troubleshooting.
  • Large LCD for clear results.
  • Full wiremap shows type and location of fault (miswires, reversals, split pairs, opens, shorts and breaks).
  • Checks for T568B Wiremap.
  • Checks Length: Min 2 feet (1m) - Max 999 feet (350m).
  • Supports up to 8 cable IDs for faster installations.
  • Built-in toner for locating and isolating wire pairs.