Probe Tips - FI-500

FI-500 Fiber Inspector Micro ships with four probe tips for use inspecting UPC type fiber endface finish connections.

  • FI-500TP-SFC (SC Bulkhead)
  • FI-500TP-LCF (LC Bulkhead)
  • FI-500TP-U25F (2,5 mm Universal for SC, FC, ST patch cords)
  • FI-500TP-U125F (1,25 mm for LC patch cords)



Other probe tips are available for purchase separately.

Notice that probe tips suited for UPC connections have blue bands, and probe tips suited for APC connections have green bands.  Most APC connectors are green, so the bands are intended to help you match the probe tip type with the connector type you intend to inspect. 

You cannot use a UPC type probe tip on an APC type connector.  The endface image will not focus properly.

You cannot use an APC type probe tip on a UPC type connector.  The endface image will not focus properly.



Do you need the most common APC tips?

FI-500TP-APC    Set of 4 APC Tips (1,25 mm, 2,50 mm, SC, LC bulkhead)  Photo


If you wish to inspect  MPO/MTP fiber endfaces or ports, we recommend using FI-3000 or FI-7000-MPO.  

Fluke Networks does not offer any MPO type probe tips for FI-500 Fiber Inspector Micro.