Connecting Probe Tips and Adapters for MPO Inspection

FI-3000 ships with probe tips for 12/24 UPC and 12/24 APC endfaces.  Additional tips for 16/32 MPO endfaces are available and sold separately. 


To view the MPO fiber endface properly and inspect it, you must choose the correct

  • Probe Tip
    • Blue Band for UPC
    • Green Band for APC
  • Connector (if needed) with proper key alignment and number of endfaces (see picture below)
  • Inspection Limit Type (limit type must match fiber media type)
    • IEC 61300 3,35 ED.2 SM APC
    • IEC 61300-3-35 ED.2 MM
    • IEC 61300-3-35 ED.2 SM RL>=45dB
    • IEC 61300-3,35 ED.2 SM RL>=26 dB
    • IEC 61300-3,35 ED.2 SM APC
    • Document uniquement
  • MPO End Type (see FI-IN app for one and two row MPO configuration selections).



Note :

In the FI-IN app you can tap Key Position in Live View to set the key position on FI-1000 to Key Left or Key Right.  This will help with numbering the inspected endfaces properly when they are graded in the FI-IN app.