Testing IDC (110) Block Connections with DSX CableAnalyzer

There may be a time where you need to test an installed link which includes an IDC (110) block connection on one end (or both ends) of the link.  Consider using a hybrid patch cord and running a Channel test instead of a Permanent Link test with a Permanent Link adapter. Please consult the manufacturer of the IDC block to determine if they will warrant a Channel test, or for guidance on a different test procedure.  

One possible scenario is to use a hybrid patch cable (RJ45 on one end, IDC connection on the other end), and certify the link using a Channel test.  In that configuration you would attach the hybrid patch cable to the channel adapter on Versiv and connect to the IDC block.  On the far end of the link use an RJ45 to RJ45 patch cable to connect to the channel adapter on the Versiv Remote.  You will need to make sure that the wire scheme is correct on the hybrid patch cable.  The IDC block may be wired for T568A or T568B, and the hybrid patch cord must use the same wire scheme.  Set up Versiv to run a Channel test.  If each end of the link is terminated with an IDC block, use two hybrid patch cords to connect to it and test.  The image shown below is for example only.