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Cabling Installation & Maintenance Honors Fluke Networks with Three Gold 2016 Innovation Awards

13 septembre 2016

Prestigious awards highlight continued cutting-edge developments by Fluke Networks for tools to install, certify and troubleshoot essential cable infrastructure

Everett, Washington, sept. 12, 2016 – Fluke Networks announced today that three of its recent products were judged by the Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2016 Innovators Awards program to be industry-leading developments. The program recognizes LinkWare™ Live with Asset Tracking, OptiFiber® Pro OTDR with SmartLoop™, and LabelLink™, a Brother Mobile Solutions mobile app integrated with LinkWare Live. A panel of cabling and communications system specifiers, designers, integrators and managers made the award decisions. Ces distinctions sont destinées à reconnaître les avantages évidents que procurent ces outils par rapport aux approches, aux méthodes et aux produits précédents.

LinkWare Live with Asset Tracking gives contractors, cable installers and project managers the ability to track and configure testers and helps them deliver projects on time and on budget. LinkWare Live is the industry’s fastest-growing cloud-based cable certification project management service. The Asset Tracking capability makes it easy for project managers to keep track of their assets as well as the status of software and calibration of testers, informing them whenever devices need to be updated or calibrated.

Fluke Networks continues to enhance the OptiFiber Pro OTDR which is part of the Versiv line, the industry’s leading Cabling Certification System. OptiFiber® Pro with SmartLoop™ technology is the first OTDR that comes standard with the ability to test two separate fiber links in both directions from one end in a single test. SmartLoop provides instant bi-directional averaged results as required by the Telecommunications Industry Association and promises to reduce the time required for testing fiber by 50 percent or more. SmartLoop also reduces the need for fiber techs to travel to difficult to access or dangerous sites. With SmartLoop and its patent-pending algorithms for analysis, users no longer need to walk the OTDR to the far end of the link to perform bi-directional tests, helping contractors squeeze more profitability out of each project.

The LabelLink App is the result of a technology integration agreement between Fluke Networks and Brother Mobile Solutions. It makes the network and cable labeling process more efficient by making it possible for technicians to print cable and ID labels on the jobsite using data generated during the design and installation stages from the LinkWare Live platform. Cable installers can achieve greater efficiency, improved accuracy and better profitability by entering data a single time for re-use in the labeling phase of the cable installation process

“On behalf of the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovator Awards, I congratulate Fluke Networks on these gold awards,” said Cabling Installation & Maintenance Group Publisher Alan Bergstein. “This competitive, unbiased program spotlight the most innovative projects in the structured cabling industry. We are pleased to celebrate Fluke Networks‘ gold status and recognize their contribution to the structured cabling industry”

This year’s recognition extends the acclaim for Fluke Networks ongoing and industry-leading innovation. Last year, Cabling Installation and Maintenance awarded two of their Innovators Awards to Fluke Network for the Versiv Cable Certification System and for LinkWare Live. Both products received “Silver” level awards.

“We are honored and inspired by this recognition from such a respected organization,” said Eric Conley Vice President and General Manager of Fluke Networks. “Our team is focused on identifying ways to improve the important work performed by cable installers and technicians who operate in a competitive and rapidly changing industry.”

À propos de Cabling Installation & Maintenance
Publiée depuis 1993, Cabling Installation & Maintenance fournit des informations pratiques aux professionnels responsables de la spécification, conception, installation et gestion des systèmes dans les entreprises, les centres de données et les campus de câblage structuré. Le magazine Cabling Installation & Maintenance, son site Web (, ses bulletins d’information et séminaires professionnels en ligne aident les professionnels du câblage à améliorer les opérations quotidiennes et permettent une planification stratégique pour une performance optimale à long terme de leurs réseaux

À propos du programme du prix de l’innovation de Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2016
Le programme du prix de l’innovation de Cabling Installation & Maintenance 2016 passe en revue et distingue les applications les plus novatrices des technologies de câblage et produits et systèmes de communication au sein de l’industrie du câblage structuré. Platinum, Gold and Silver Honorees were announced at BICSI's 2016 Fall Conference. Les critères utilisés dans le classement des prix de l’innovation incluent : innovation, valeur ajoutée, durabilité, collaboration et incidence sur le secteur.

À propos de Fluke Networks
Fluke Networks est le numéro un mondial dans les domaines de la certification, du dépannage et des outils d’installation pour les professionnels de l’installation et de la maintenance d’infrastructures de câblage réseau stratégiques. De l’installation de centres de données les plus avancés à la restauration de services dans des conditions difficiles, nous allions fiabilité exceptionnelle et performances inégalées pour des tâches réalisées de manière efficace. Les produits phares de l’entreprise incluent l’innovant LinkWare Live, la première solution de certification de câble connectée sur le cloud, présentée fin 2014. Pour plus d’informations, appelez le 1-800-283-5853 (États-Unis/Canada) ou le 1-425-446-5500 (international) ou rendez-vous à l’adresse suivante

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