Software Update DSP-100 CableMeter

Remarque : Category 5e and higher requires ACR-F and PS ACR-F; the DSP-100 CableMeter is not capable of making these measurements. If you need to certify to category 5e, please take a look at the DTX CableAnalyzer. If all you need to do is to qualify that your existing links will support 1000BASE-T, the CableIQ may be a better choice.

Comment vérifier votre logiciel actuel/la version du micrologiciel 

  • Connect the main and remote unit together
  • Power on the remote unit.
  • On the main unit, rotate the dial to Autotest. You will see the software / firmware version for both the main and remote units.

Le téléchargement d’une mise à jour efface le logiciel de test installé dans l’outil de test. Vous n’aurez plus accès à l’ancienne version du logiciel.
Le téléchargement des mises à jour logicielles efface toutes les données stockées dans la mémoire de l’outil de test. To prevent an unexpected loss of battery power to the test tool or remote, connect the battery charger to the test tool and the remote during the downloading process.

Install the latest version of the   utility on your PC.

Mise à jour de l'unité principale
You need to get the latest version of firmware from the website, click here.

Once you have downloaded the file dsp_55.exe, run it from Windows Explorer. It will extract two files (dsp_55.dsp & sr_55.dsp) to the C:\Cblmgr directory. Raccordez l'appareil au PC à l'aide du câble d'interface PC 9 broches à 9 broches fourni. Lancez le logiciel LinkWare sur le PC.

Click on Utilties > DSP-100/2000 CableMeter > Software Update.

 When prompted for the location of the software update source file, enter the path to the C:\Cblmgr on your C drive; select dsp_55.dsp; then click on Open. Une fois le logiciel installé, connectez le câble d’interface du PC à l’injecteur et mettez celui-ci sous tension.

Mise à jour de l'unité distante
In the LinkWare window, click on Utilties > DSP-100/2000 CableMeter > Software Update. Select the file sr_55.dsp as the software update source file for the remote; then click on Open to install the new software in your remote. Le processus de mise à jour est maintenant terminé.

Lets also check the instrument out as well.
Connect the two units together using the 15 cm (6 inch) cable1 below. If the cable is longer than 15 cm (6 inch), it will not allow you to run the Self Calibration.

Run the Self Calibration in SPECIAL FUNCTIONS. If it comes back PASS, youre ready to go. 

Self Test fails
Regrettably, the DSP-100 is no longer a repairable item as of January 2006. We try to maintain service for an instrument 5 years after it's last date of manufacture - as in the case of the DSP-100. We would like to keep you as a Fluke Networks customer. Please let us know how we can do this at [email protected]