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Chronique de câblages


MPTL : Nouvelle procédure d’essai pour l’infrastructure convergente d’aujourd’hui

Avec l’Internet des objets (IdO) et le développement de la technologie des capteurs, de plus en plus d’appareils sont compatibles IP et se connectent à l’infrastructure de câblage horizontale en cuivre. La plupart de ces dispositifs tels que les lumières DEL, les caméras de sécurité, les commandes d’automatisation de bâtiment et les points d’accès de Wi-Fi incluent un port RJ45 intégré pour se relier au réseau.


Restez au frais avec les fonctionnalités rafraichissantes de Versiv™

It seems like just yesterday we were talking about spring cleaning, and now we’re moving into the dog days of summer. And it’s hot.


Plus de 5 millions de résultats de tests téléchargés sur le cloud !

Thanks to all, the contractors, installers and network maintainers around the world who rely on our Versiv™ family of products – you helped us to reach a significant industry milestone: More than five million tests results have been uploaded to the Fluke Networks LinkWare™ Live cable certification cloud service. The rate keeps increasing – users are now uploading over 300 000 results each month.


Est-ce que mon SFP fonctionne, ou comment mesurer un SFP/SFP+/QSFP

Recently we have been getting questions about how to determine if an SFP is working. I’m going to use SFP generically here to represent a multitude of the various optical modules that are available. The Fluke Networks fiber testers can be used to measure the light that is being put out by and SFP.


Tous les cheminements de fibre optique sont divisibles par 2 et 8

À ce stade, vous avez certainement entendu parler des solutions MPO à 8 fibres « plug and play » disponibles sur le marché, idéales pour les applications Gigabit (40GBASE-SR4) et 100 Gigabit (100GBASE-SR4) qui utilisent 8 fibres dont 4 qui transmettent et 4 qui reçoivent à 10 ou 25 Go/s.


Nouvelle version du logiciel Versiv maintenant disponible

We’ve just posted Version 5,1 Build 4 of the Versiv software for the following products:


Des cordons propres sont des cordons fiables

Description des signes d’une obsession apparente en matière de fiabilité.


Fluke Networks is 25 Years Old This Month!

Twenty five years ago this month, a highly animated character popped into my cubicle at Fluke. He had a mandate: find a new business opportunity for Fluke within 100 days. To assist this effort, he also had $100 000 and the authority to employ anyone in the company in the crazy scheme. For some reason, he wanted me, and for some other reason, I couldn’t resist his proposition.


Top 5 Fiber and Cable Cleaning Tips from the Experts

Let’s face it. Spring cleaning stinks. I mean, does anyone actually enjoy cleaning? I don’t know about you, but I certainly am not counting down my winter days until I can scrub the house top to bottom only to have it quickly soiled by muddy feet and paws, beach sand, cut grass and whatever else wanders in with the warmer weather.

But dirt happens. And while cleaning may not be a barrel of fun, there is always some sense of satisfaction when it’s done and everything is looking its best. 


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