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Livre blanc : Stratégies de test pour les solutions de migration haut débit SYSTIMAX®
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Exploding demand for bandwidth is pushing data center teams to rethink their network infrastructure as they look to support faster data speeds, lower latency requirements and future changes nobody can predict. Easier said than done.

Fluke Networks' CertiFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Set now incorporates CommScope’s exclusive SYSTIMAX® link loss calculator, transforming the certification of ultra-low-loss singlemode and high bandwidth multimode fiber optic network projects in data centers.The SYSTIMAX calculator accurately computes total link loss performance for SYSTIMAX low and ultra-low loss systems. L’intégration du calculateur de perte de liaison SYSTIMAX au Versiv de Fluke Network fournit une performance automatisée pour la certification de la garantie pour les systèmes à fibre à la fois monomode et multimode.

Download this White Paper between January 15 - April 30, 2018, and be entered to win a CertiFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Set 

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